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Example 9 - Using a smart contract on Theta as a payment processor - Contract Administration Dapp

Number of Accounts in the Contract:

Total balance since start of contract: tFuel
Current balance in the contract: tFuel

Monthly Rate : tFuel
Six Month Rate : tFuel
Yearly Rate : tFuel

Update the Contract rates (You must update them all at once. If not changing the rate then re-enter the same amount.)
Enter as whole tfuel numbers 100 = 100 tFuel

Check when an account expires.

Account Expires on:

Timestamp it Expires:

Transfering ownership of the contract. (This will change the owner and only the new address will be able to set prices and withdraw Tfuel.)
Warning: This should only be used if you are sure you want another address to manage the contract.
If you send it to a wrong address this can not be undone.

This file is designed to be edited with your own CSS and adjusted to your site. It must be deployed from a web server like Apache or NGINX.

It will allow a user to use the Metamask Wallet to interact with a smart contract on the Theta Blockchain.

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